How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have decided to hire a personal injury attorney, it can be difficult to choose the right lawyer for your case. There are so many lawyers in America, even in small towns, that there are likely to be multiple attorneys willing to represent you. And especially in personal injury cases, they tend to advertise aggressively. Most of the stereotypical lawyer ads on late night TV are commercials for personal injury attorneys, and they are often associated with sleazy marketing tactics.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer can be a challenge in this type of environment. So where can you go to find an ethical, hard-working legal professional?  The best way to find a lawyer for any type of case is a personal recommendation from a trusted friend or family member.  If you know someone who has been involved in a court case similar to the one you are in, ask them about the attorney they hired. If they had a good experience (and especially if they won their case) their lawyer is a good place to start. If you don’t know anyone who has hired a lawyer for a case like yours, call your local bar association for a referral. Bar associations keep a rotating list of well-regarded local lawyers to refer for situations like this.

Other factors to consider: a good personal injury lawyer will take most cases on contingency, which means they don’t get paid unless they win. This helps align your incentives with theirs, and keep them focused on your case. And finally, make sure they have a good website. A personal injury lawyer without a website is a thing of the past, and the better attorneys keep up with modern technology.