Great blog by a New York Personal Injury Attorney

Skull with stethoscope sitting on book

Recently I came across a great blog by a personal injury attorney in New York City, Eric Turkewitz.  Mr. Turkewitz has been practicing personal injury law for nearly 30 years, spending most of that time building up his own firm.  He specializes in medical malpractice law, and has won several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients after they have been injured (in some horrific and gruesome ways) by the incompetence or negligence of doctors and nurses.  He has deep insight into how personal injury law works from both sides of the negotiating table.  His writing has enlightened me into just how bad some doctors are – I’d never have guessed someone who could make it through all the schooling and training a doctor has would be so careless!

While personal injury lawyers tend to get a bad name from the so-called “ambulance chasers” you see in sleazy late-night TV commercials and on bus stop bench ads, many of them are upstanding professionals, like Mr. Turkewitz.  He calls out lawyers who use shady or unethical marketing tactics, like directly soliciting victims of airline crashes and other well-known accidents to sue for damages, or leaving spam comments on his blog in an attempt to boost their rankings in Google searches.  And of course there wouldn’t be such a need for personal injury attorneys if insurance companies acted more honorably and didn’t hire doctors just to turn down as many claims as possible to save money.  For example, he recently wrote about a doctor who claimed six completely different signatures were his – this is a blatant case of what appears to be forgery by the doctor’s staff, apparently with his blessing and permission.

So if you want to read more about personal injury law from the perspective of an experienced practitioner, I highly recommend the New York Personal Injury Attorney blog – it is worth your while.